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University Student Conduct, Subordinate and Appeals Board

What is the University Student Conduct and Appeals Board?

The University Student Conduct, Subordinate and Appeals Boards are comprised of students and faculty. The Student Conduct and Subordinate Boards hear cases of alleged violations of the UNL Student Code of Conduct. There are three Subordinate Boards each of which focuses on a particular type of case: academic misconduct, sexual misconduct and cases involving student organizations.

Board Members consider and ask questions about information presented during the hearing; discuss information with other Board members; and, determine whether or not a student or student organization violated the Student Code of Conduct. After a finding of responsibility, Board Members listen to recommended sanctions, and then collaborate with one another to impose sanctions that balance the developmental and educational needs of the student with the safety and integrity of the UNL community. The Appeals Board conducts a review of a student’s written appeal of decisions made by the Student Conduct Board.

Once appointed, student members can indicate their interest in serving on a specific Board to Student Conduct & Community Standards.

Become a Board MemberTime Commitment

Based upon your availability, Board Members will be assigned to Board A or Board B. Board A will meet on the second Thursday of the month, and Board B on the fourth Thursday of the month. Board Members need to be available from 4PM – 11PM on their designated Thursday.

Boards will either receive additional training during this time or hear cases. Trainings will limited to one hour in length. While not typical, it is possible for a Board Hearing or an Appeal to last for the entire 7 hour time frame. Also, Trainings or Hearings will not be held on days that classes are not held.

If you are interested in serving on a Board and are unable to attend trainings and hearings on Thursday, please apply! Student Conduct & Community Standards will keep a list of additional Board members on an as-needed basis.

Minimum Qualifications

  • No disciplinary record with the University of Nebraska.
  • Minimum GPA of 2.0.

Grounds for Removal from the Conduct Hearing and Appeals Board
(per the UNL Student Conduct Code, Article IV, 10.5)

  • A member fails to respond to meeting notices more than twice in a single semester.
  • A student member is found to be in violation of the Student Code or Housing policy.
  • A member is found to be in violation of the privacy or other rights of any member of the University community who is involved in disciplinary proceedings, whether such rights are set forth in law or the policies of the University/University of Nebraska.
  • The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs determines, in his or her discretion, that a member has engaged in conduct that so adversely impacts and reflects upon the member’s honest, integrity, or moral values, so as to render him or her unable to meaningfully and credibly participate in the hearing deliberations, or decision of the conduct board.

Applications are available through the ASUN website.