Student Conduct & Community Standards

Student Conduct & Community Standards

328 Canfield Administration Building
P.O. Box 880418
Lincoln, NE 68588-0418
Voice: (402) 472-2021
Fax: (402) 472-8189

Student Conduct Staff

Jake Johnson, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Sue Kelly Moore, Associate Director for Student Conduct
Gina Simanek, Student Conduct Assistant
Lisa Cordonier, Student Conduct Coordinator

Mission Statement

Student Conduct and Community Standards addresses the needs of the institution for: developing, disseminating, interpreting, and enforcing campus regulations for students; dealing with student behavioral problems in a fair, effective manner; and protecting relevant legal rights for students.

This program is committed to providing learning experiences for students that facilitate and encourage respect for campus and community governance as well as the conventions and expectations of adulthood in American culture. Further, we seek to impart an understanding of the importance of promoting a dignified environment for teaching and learning. Through the services provided to resolve student behavioral problems or interpersonal conflict on campus, we strive to educate students on the values of personal integrity, civility, tolerance and respect for the diversity found within humanity.