Help Prevent Academic Dishonesty

How can I help prevent academic dishonesty?

Preventing academic dishonesty requires effort from everyone. Faculty and Instructors must stress the importance in turning in your own work and citing sources where needed. Students must also be honest about the work that they complete and turn in.


These are resources that we are offering faculty members on campus in regards to helping prevent acts of academic dishonesty.

Sample Syllabus Statements on Academic Integrity
While it is not required by the Faculty Senate at Nebraska, we strongly encourage faculty and staff to include a statement regarding academic dishonesty in their syllabus. Several academic colleges and departments on campus have outlined a syllabus with statements regarding academic integrity policies. Please refer to your respective college/department to view their statement.

Plagiarism Detection Websites
These are websites that can be incorporated into the current Canvas site that Nebraska uses. Below are instructions on how to utilize this website directly in your assignments on Canvas.

Test Proctor Methods
We encourage faculty and staff to consider best practices for proctoring exams. This can be the way students are seated in the classroom while taking the exam, a policy about electronics in the classroom during an exam, etc. Instructors are able to utilize the Digital Learning Center (located in southeast corner of Love Library North) to proctor exams. Please visit their website to find more information about exams taken in this facility and making reservations for exams.

Policy on Electronics in Class on Syllabus
To help further prevent academic dishonesty from happening in the classroom, we recommend that all professors and instructors make a statement regarding policies for the use of electronics in their classroom. This can be statements regarding electronics (phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) in classroom and how and when they should and should not be utilized.


Using the following resources will help you prevent committing acts of academic dishonesty.

Citation Guides from Love Library

International Students
If you are an international student and are ever unsure about the policies that the university has in place regarding academic integrity, please reach out and ask.

International Student and Scholar Office
Seaton Hall, Suite 201
Main Desk: (402)-472-0324
Consultation Line: (402)-472-5163

International Student Guide to Academic Success [brochure]

Consequences for Committing Acts of Academic Dishonesty
If students are found responsible for academic dishonesty, any of the following action(s) can be imposed:

  • Professor can give out a warning
  • Professor can reduce the grade on the assignment, paper, quiz, or exam
  • Professor can reduce the student’s final grade in the course
  • Professor can assign a zero on the assignment, paper, quiz, or exam
  • Professor can request for an “F” to be on the transcript for the course
  • Student can be required to pay for and complete an online Academic Integrity Course
  • In severe circumstances:
    Student can be temporarily separated from the University (suspension) or permanently separated from the University (expulsion).
    Suspension or expulsion can result in changes to the student’s visa status.

Academic Integrity Policies
The university has an overall policy on academic integrity and each college/department on campus has created their own policies as well. Please check with your individual college and/or department to read about their statement regarding academic integrity.