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 Remote Student Conduct Meetings

Academic Integrity Violations

What happens if I receive a notification of Academic Integrity violation?

First, faculty and instructors who fill out the Academic Dishonesty Report form are allowed to recommend the following sanctions as they see fit.

  • Online Academic Integrity Course
  • Warning
  • Reduced grade on assignment/paper
  • Reduced grade on quiz/exam
  • Zero on assignment/Paper
  • Zero on quiz/exam
  • F on transcript for the course
    NOTE: There is no notation of academic dishonesty on student’s official transcript. Course can be retaken at a later date and GPA will be adjusted to reflect most recent grade earned.
  • Other: Faculty/Reporter fills in the blank
    In cases where the student(s) are not meeting with Student Conduct & Community Standards, the office will impose the sanctions as outlined by the Faculty Reporter.

Second, faculty/staff/instructors are able to recommend actions to be taken by Student Conduct & Community Standards which may include:

Warning: Student is called in to meet with the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs or a Hearing Officer to discuss the reported matter as a warning. Case information is then maintained and filed in Student Conduct & Community Standards. In the event that the warning was not heeded, the judicial process will begin.

Hearing with Student Conduct & Community Standards: Student is called to a hearing with Student Conduct & Community Standards where it will be determined if the student is responsible/not responsible for their actions. If the student is found responsible, the faculty reported recommendations selected in the above box will be taken into considerations when determining sanctions.


Nebraska currently uses Academic Integrity Seminar for students who are required to participate in online education to meet sanction requirements.

To register for the seminar, go to

You will be charged $100 for the course and must complete it within 4 weeks. Most students take 5-15 hours to complete the assignments, and then review by a seminar tutor takes another 2-3 business days after submission. We recommend that you begin as soon as possible. Failure to complete the seminar could result in a hold being placed on your ability to register for classes. When complete, your seminar tutor will send your Certificate of Completion to our office.

If you encounter any issues or have any questions, please contact the Seminar Coordinator at Academic Integrity Seminar at You may also contact us anytime at